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Our program, is centered around a theoretical course which seeks to improve the knowledge and skill levels of drivers on our nation’s roadways. It equips the driver with useful knowledge and techniques to avoid dangerous situations and the theory behind it all.

You can also enquire about our practical on the road course which evaluates driving habits.

Our Staff

Gerrard Wilson

Title: Lead Defensive Driving Instructor

Award: Instructor of the year 2015

Phone: (868) 800-4DDC (4332) Ext 3512

Email: gerrardwilson@800-4DDC.com

Derick Jaggernauth

Full Member
National Safety Council
Defensive Driving Course - International Advisory Committee

Title: Lead Defensive Driving Instructor

Award: Instructor of the year 2013 & 2016

Phone: (868) 800-4DDC (4332) Ext 3511

Email: derickjaggernauth@800-4DDC.com

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National Safety Council Awards

2016 – Astonishing Achievement – International Left Side of the Road
2015 – Astonishing Achievement – International Left Side of the Road
2014 – Astonishing Achievement – International Left Side of the Road
2013 – Star, DDC 8 International
2012 – Star, DDC 8 International
2011 – Best Performance
2010 – Honourable Mention
2009 – Trendsetter of the Year
2008 – Best Performance
2007 – Trendsetter of the Year


  • Riyad Hosein"Very eye-opening, interesting and thrilling class by Mr. Gerrard Wilson today. Got much more than I expected, feeling much more educated and prepared to practise defensive driving. Will definitely be back for the Practical session once i have a semester break. Thanks and all the best !
  • Kewoni Berkley"This course was amazing!! highly recommended to EVERYBODY!!!
  • Krystal Ramnath-Boodhan"Did the DDC today, it was an awesome class :)
  • Melissa Reshma Ramsubir"Excellent class Mr. Gerrard Wilson, definitely learnt a lot of things! Will be doing the practical soon. Thanks!
  • Kennaice-Baird"Had a class wednesday gone, must say the instructor was great,still cant stop telling my friends they should go!
  • Clint Charles"Derick is an excellent presenter. The course really opened my eyes to the bad habits that we cultivate while driving. I realize that these habits are what lead to most if not all road fatalities and accidents. I am a better driver now for having taken this course. My family thinks i drive like a granny... but i care for them and myself , SO NOW I DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!!!!
  • Sherry Hitlal"today i took this course and it was so much fun.Mr.Gerrard made this learning a fun,but keeping it real experience for the whole class.He is one of a kind,job well done Gerrard
  • Naresh Dookie"i was in the San Fernando class today.. really an truly i was doing the class just to drop my premium but it turned out dat i got soo much more than i bargained for... i would like to thank Mr. Gerrard for all the information that he shared with the class to day.. now i have a whole different respect for driving

Tip of the day

Always wear your seat belt and ensure all passengers buckle up too.

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