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We recognized that existing Driving Instruction Programs offered by local driving schools prepare a driver for the acquisition of a Driver’s Permit only, i.e. for the driving examination. The instruction offered is, for the most part, out-of date with the changing trends in motor vehicle design, driver sensibilities and roadways. There is a gap between being able to drive and being able to drive safely. 800-4DDC’s objective is to bridge this gap by providing a comprehensive Defensive Driving Program.

Our program, is centered around a theoretical course which seeks to improve the knowledge and skill levels of drivers on our nation’s roadways. It equips the driver with practical knowledge and techniques to avoid dangerous situations and the theory behind it all.

800-4DDC is focused on its' mission to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy. 800-4DDC is committed to helping its members and the public prevent unintentional injuries and deaths by providing knowledge and resources that enable them to reduce road risks and continuously improve their safety through awareness.